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Mortgage & other home owner related costs. Your Current Residence Our Community
Monthly Mortgage or Rent Payment $
Property Tax and Insurance (Monthly) Included
Home or Renter's Insurance Included
HOA Dues Included

Below are average costs for monthly upkeep and lifestyle expenses that are included when living at our community.

Monthly Upkeep and Lifestyle Expenses *Average Costs Our Community
Utilities (Water, Sewer, Trash Removal) $60 Included
Security and Alarm Systems $50 Included
Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance $47.50 Included
Home Maintenance & Repairs (plumbing, A/C, appliances, pool, roof) $175 Included
Transportation (Insurance, Gas, Taxi, Repairs) $715.25 Included
Social, Cultural, Recreational Events $235.58 Included
Exercise, Health, and Wellness Programs $66.67 Included
24-Hour Emergency Response Service $28.79 Included
*Average costs are based on regional data from the U.S. Census Bureau (source: A Place for Mom)
  Home Owner Cost of Living Our Community Cost of Living
Estimated Home Related Costs
(Per Month Based on Inputed Data)
$ . $ .
Total Upkeep and Lifestyle Expenses (Per Month Averages) $ . Included
Total Monthly Cost of Living $ . $ .

Based on the information provided, by moving to our community you could potentially cut your cost of living by


Potential Monthly Cost of Living Savings


Potential Annual Cost of Living Savings